Audio Hardware and Software


To record a podcast you'll need a recording kit, and the kind of kit you build depends on the kind of recording you plan to do.

Essentially, you need a computer capable of recording audio, some way of getting sound into your computer, and, if you want to produce more extensive productions, you might want sound editing or video editing software. The costs will vary depending on what your goal is, and many contemporary computers come well-equipped to create podcasts.

If you plan to do extensive podcasting, you might want to invest in a "studio" set-up. You can for example, get an inexpensive USB microphone and connect it directly to a computer. There are also recorder/microphone combination devices available for field work. The quality of the microphone you purchase will affect the quality of the recording.

For continuted recording of live events, you might develop a field recording kit made up of a recording device, microphones, headphones, cables, tape and a bag to carry it all. A kit to record lectures and conferences could be made up of a recorder, a hand-held microphone with a stand, a multi-directional table top microphone for recording panels, XLR cables to capture output feeds from a mixer (if a PA system is used for the event) with an input that fits your recorder, gaffer tape to secure cables to the floor for safety, and a bag to carry it all. A quality kit like this can cost between $500-$1,000.


After you record audio or video, you'll need some editing software for post-production. Here are a some sample sound editing applications.

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